Highly qualified and caring professionals - Meet our team!

The Sara Marie School is dedicated to bringing the the most highly talented team together under one roof to deliver the best in education, caring, and character building to our children. 

Joanna Pendergast

Pre-K Teacher, Founder, Academic Administrator

Julie Butler

Pre-K Teacher, SEL Administrator

Stefanie Rawls

Business Communications Administrator

Devin Weller

Kindergarten Teacher, Kindergarten Coordinator, Curriculum Specialist

Brianna Nolan

Pre-K Teacher, Pre-K Coordinator

Leslie Alberio

Art Teacher, School Team Teacher

Brook Blood

Nursery Teacher, Nursery Coordinator

kara ward

Office Assistant

sara barrett

Nursery teacher

kirsty berger

nursery teacher assistant, library teacher

carly schott

Kindergarten Teacher

isabella lombardo

Pre-K Teacher Assistant & Busy Bee Leadership

Madalyn Frutchey

Kindergarten Teacher

Sarah McCue

Nursery Teacher Assistant & Busy Bee Leadership

Abby Bolton

School Substitute, Busy Bees Teacher

Our Board Members

  • Cheryl Glick, President
  • Chuck Homic, Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Moore
  • Glenn Krauss
  • Jason Pendergast, Vice President
  • John Godfrey
  • Kevin Jette
  • Katie Osborn