The Sara Marie School team extends its deepest appreciation!

The entire team at the Sara Marie School would like to express their deepest appreciation to the following people and groups for their various gifts of donations, effort, consideration, and cooperation in helping to make this school a reality.

Support & Donations

The Chase Family
We would like to express our deepest heartfelt thanks to the Chase Family for all of their support of The Sara Marie School.

Indiegogo (Contributions of $75 or more)
The Ahuja Family
The Bradshaw Family
The Criscone Family
The Gonzalez Family
The Hardenstine Family
The Johnson Family
The Manilenko Family
The Osborn Family
The Patterson Family
The Resta Family
The Schaefer Family
The Singh Family
The Tobin Family
The Wilson Family

All other contributions
We sincerely appreciate all contributions that have been provided and would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who supported our school in memory of Sara Marie Chase Duffany!

Special Consideration

​Playground Donation from Price Chopper’s Golub Foundation
We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Price Chopper’s Golub Foundation for their very generous donation to help us build our new playground.